Welcome to The Sanctuary

The heart of Historic Buck Run Farm is The Sanctuary. Despite being initially wowed by The House and The Barn, visitors quickly fall in love with The Sanctuary and all of her animals.

A Home For Those Who Would Be Otherwise Lost.

Found at the Historic Farm at Buck Run, The Sanctuary is designed for school children, young adults, and the curious at heart to come for a visit, to learn about humans, nature, and animals, and experience a peace that only the great outdoors can provide. To learn more about how to book a visit, info@historicbuckrunfarm.com

The House

at historic buck run farm
Fully restored and mindfully decorated, The House at Historic Buck Run Farm is the perfect escape to find tranquility and peace, or as the complement to your event in our barn space. With the capacity to separate the house into his and hers wings, enjoy preparing for your big day in this stunning space.

The Sanctuary

at historic buck run farm
The true heart of what makes this property so special is The Sanctuary; a space dedicated to giving forgotten animals a forever home, this space's mission is to teach and remind us all of the beautiful power and healing of Mother Nature. Enjoy the wide open spaces, and sweet animals. To learn more about its inception, click below:

The Barn

at historic buck run farm
It's so hard to decide which of the farm features are our favorite, The Barn being a top contender. This newly restored hand hewn post and beam barn is the perfect place to host your event. With the capacity to host 200 people, and parking for 100, a sweeping porch overlooking 94 acres, along with vaulted ceilings and ideal acoustics, your wedding, celebration, or event of any kind couldn't land in a more perfect spot. Come for a tour of The Barn!


Above all else, at The Sanctuary and at Historic Buck Run Farm, we value what the natural world has to offer. Unfortunately, this is not always a shared value in our world. We provide the educational experience, and the opportunity to connect with the great outdoors as a way to play our part in helping others understand how critical Mother Nature really is - and how much she deserves our love and respect.


Animals are the BEST! They love us without condition, they adapt to the craziness of the human-led world, and they constantly forgive and nurture us. We are SO lucky to be loved by our furry and feathered friends. Please come and enjoy this sacred place, a forever home to an array of animals that would have been otherwise forgotten. Pigs, cows, goats, horses, all kinds of amazing friends who will love you!

Unconditional Love

The Healing of Mother nature

In forever memory of beloved son, John Peter, or JP, the family at Historic Buck Run Farm wants to let this place be a living legacy for his beautiful life lost too soon.

Children are not always a fit for the places that we have designed for them in this world. Although JP behaved well enough in school, was respectful, kind, and curious, he thrived in other places. His heart and his eyes lifted into the world when he was with animals, in nature, and away from the day to day chaos we all slowly condition ourselves to accept. JP wasn’t that kind of person. He refused to think that the adult world was the best world - and he was right.

The Sanctuary at Historic Buck Run Farm is the everlasting expression of JP’s light heart in a world of seriousness, a young man with a desire to not take things too much to heart, and never for granted. We live his example here.

Stay On the Farm

Not only can you visit the farm, you can also stay at the farm. Both The House and The Barn are available to book for your event, or for a stay to get away from it all.

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